Panasonic 컴팩트 헤어 드라이어 $49.99 (정상가 $80)
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Panasonic 컴팩트 헤어 드라이어 $49.99 (정상가 $80)

아마존에서 리뷰 좋은 파나소닉 헤어 드라이어를 $49.99 로 판매합니다.

작년 크리스마스쯤 잠시 플래쉬 세일로 $45.99 판매했던 것이 아마존 최저가이고, 그 전후로는 $60불 미만으로 판매된적이 없는 제품입니다.

여행용으로 간편하게 들고 다니시거나, 현재 쓰시고 있는 드라이어가 무겁게 느껴지신다면 오늘 좋은 딜로 구매하셔도 좋으실것 같습니다.

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer (EH-NA27-K)

정상가 : $80

세일가 : $49.99


Basic Features:

- Foldable, lightweight Panasonic nanoe travel hair dryer NA27-K makes it quick and easy to dry and style at home, work, the gym and while travelling

- Nanoe draws moisture from the air to infuse hair with moisture-rich particles 1,000x richer than typical ions to reduce damage caused by everyday brushing and enhance hair’s smoothness and shine

- Exclusive, pro-quality Quick-Dry Nozzle provides strong and soft airflows for concentrated styling, fast drying time and smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair

- Powerful 1400-Watt travel hair dryer includes high, medium and cool airflow settings for different styles, drying times and hair types

- The Panasonic EH-NA27-K hair dryer has a portable, compact design with folding handle fits neatly into bags and luggage, stores easily in drawers, easy-clean filter maintains peak performance

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