Subway 풋롱 샌드위치 $5.99불 with 쿠폰 (2/16일까지)
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Subway 풋롱 샌드위치 $5.99불 with 쿠폰 (2/16일까지)

오늘 점심으로 샌드위치 어떻세요?

Subway에서 5일간 진행되는 딜로 ANY Footlong Sub가 Only $5.99불입니다.

(1인당 1개의 쿠폰만 적용)

🥪 ANY Footlong Sub Only $5.99 at Subway with Coupon (2/16일까지)

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Subway offers ANY footlong sub for just $5.99 when you present this coupon at the register! The coupon is only valid at participating locations, and there is a limit of one coupon per person.

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