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UV-CLEAN Medical Grade Device Sanitizer $26.99 (87% Off)

Woot offers Swisstek UV-CLEAN - 2-in-1 Medical Grade UV-Light Device Sanitizer & With Wireless Charging Capability for $26.99 (Org.$199 / 87% Off). Shipping is free. Deal ends on 12/30.

메디컬 등급의 UV 소독기로 휴대폰 표면의 바이러스와 박테리아를 99.99% 소독해 줍니다. White/Black 2가지 칼라! Woot 세일로 $29.99불! Woot에서 주문하시면, Amazon에서 딜리버리 됩니다! 12/30일까지

🏷️ $26.99 (<< $199.99) 🚚 Free Shipping


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